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Mile Mark of Success #1: When Teenagers Take You For Granted

You know you're a success in youth ministry when teenagers take you for granted and fail to appreciate all you do.

This might sound strange, but when you parallel your youth ministry to Christ's experience with His disciples, it makes sense. The 12 guys on His ministry team never sang, "How Great Thou Art," to Him. In fact, they often seemed unimpressed by the sacrifices Jesus made to minister among them.


Mile Marker of Success #2: Just Be There

You know you're a success when you've been in one place long enough to have "remember when" stories.

Persistence is the greatest revenge on hell. In our dysfunctional society, where complete family units are an endangered species, we can define successful youth ministry with three words: "Just be there." Sounds simple, but in a world of "rotating relationships" a long-haul ministry can't be overrated.


Mile Mark of Success #3: Be A Voice, Not An Echo

You know you're a success when you fight to remain a voice, not an echo.

There are many echoes in youth ministry...people who merely mimic the culture's values rather than fight to be a distinct voice for biblical values. I'm not talking about legalism or nitpicking about music styles or body piercing here. I'm talking about being a prophetic voice in the lives of our young people...a voice that has something to say about character, conscience, and conviction. It requires no energy or backbone to simply echo what kids want to hear.


A Call to Obedience, Not Success

Late one night my phone rang and before I could finish saying, "Hello," the voice on the other end frantically spoke.

"I'm so sorry to call you late. I don't know what to do. I love where I'm at. I just need to take care of my family, and this is such a great opportunity... hello?"


Mayo Beatitudes of Developing a Leadership Team

In Cadre emails, I'm frequently asked to share some of my tips on developing a great leadership team. I thought you might enjoy hearing a few too. While some of the points may not sound too "glamorous," please just know that they work if you have the guts and endurance to keep doing them.