Fighting The Dragons In Your Personal Life Legacy Edition

This is just one of the resources from our LEGACY edition called, AVOIDING THE BLACK HOLE.

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Like it or not, we are all capable of falling spiritually. That's why this leadership mentoring is SO important. Taken in part from what I have observed through the years, and also from Wayde Goodall's book, Why Great Men Fail, this teaching walks through 18 minefields that make you more susceptible to moral failure.

We can all indicate areas where we are more VULNERABLE to moral failure due to certain patterns, tendencies, or personality leanings in our own lives. It behooves us to "put guard rails" around these areas. To be "for-warned" is to be "for-armed." It may not be a fun or exciting topic per-say, but it could very well be one that saves your ministry and personal walk with the Lord.


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