How Do You Do Ministry For The Long Haul?

I now have been in youth ministry for many fulfilling decades. As I meet with youth pastors from all over the country, one of the top questions I get asked is, "How have you managed to stay in youth ministry for so many years?" I believe it started many years ago, when as a young Christian, the Lord so clearly explained the word "Compassion" to me. He said, "COM(E) to Me first, Jeanne. Drink of My love...and then, PASS I (T) ON to others" and that's what I've spent my life doing.

In this Youth Leader's Coach, I outline nine key things I learned on the journey that have kept me focused on the Lord and fighting for teenagers throughout the years. As D. L. Moody said, "My greatest fear is NOT that I might FAIL...but that I might SUCCEED at something that does not MATTER."

Still Fighting,

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