The Biggest Trap In Christian Leadership

I often hear youth pastors say to me... "If people really knew how infrequent and lame my own personal devotional life is, I would be kicked out of the ministry! (at least, I SHOULD be.)" ...OR... "NUMBERS seem the be the big deal to my pastor...and true intimacy with Christ is rarely (if ever) focused on from a leadership perspective. What gets rewarded at our church is numbers and platform performance." ...OR... "I often feel very FROZEN and distant from the Lord...but no one seems to notice or even care."

So, what do I think "The Biggest Trap In Christian Leadership" is? I think many of us can buy into...almost unconsciously...what I call a "Jesus AND" faith. In this Youth Leader's Coach, I challenge you to answer some life-altering questions as you consider is Jesus really #1 in your life?


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