Ministry Mind Games And Me

When people have asked me over the years what the number ONE enemy of my ministry run has been, I have one consistent answer:  "My own MIND GAMES!"  Statistics tell us that we speak at a rate of 200 words per minute, but think at approximately 1,300 words a minute.  That's a lot of "self-talk" going on in my own head.  More often than not, the ME inside of my own mind is pretty full of mental battles that could kick me to the curb if I allow them.  However, if I choose to take control of my own head, with the help of Christ and His Word, I really can grow past these emotional traps.

That's why this ALLIANCE is a really important one.  Ministry for a lot of us can be pretty lonely as we try to navigate through the warzones in our own heads.  Our prayer for this Alliance is that it is a safe place for youth pastors and youth leaders to share candidly with each other on this life-impacting topic.  In a world of surface level relationships in ministry, please make this ALLIANCE a place of authentic friendship and healing honesty.