Freedom From The Father Wound

It's a sad fact that the average American child will spend more time in front of the TV by the age of only 6...than he will spend talking with his father for HIS ENTIRE LIFE. And the truth is all of us unconsciously attach feelings that we have of our own earthly father to our concept of our Heavenly Father.

In this month's Source, "Freedom From The Father Wound," I talk about one of the biggest...if not THE biggest...challenges we face in ministry...overcoming the FATHER WOUND. The majority of our students, and even many of us, have a wound that we received from our earthly father. Even many students that may seem to have a "perfect" family life have things that they have buried deep inside of them. Through some personal sharing, some memorable stories, and key impacting Scriptures, this Source allows students to hear how they are ACCEPTED by their Heavenly Father, regardless of what they have experienced here on Earth.