Acts 29: The Next Chapter In Spirit-Empowered Youth Ministry

From my vantage point of over four exciting decades in full-time youth has it CHANGED and where is it GOING? The Faith Formation 2020 Study gives us a statistical, analytical look at the FUTURE OF THE AMERICAN CHURCH. Their findings reveal that we are not facing a growth-oriented future if we keep doing things "business as usual."

In this month's Youth Leader's Coach, "Acts 29: The Next Chapter In Spirit-Empowered Youth Ministry," I talk about five needs that are repeatedly expressed in the data when church leaders themselves are asked for their most PRESSING NEEDS as we look ahead. I also share my thoughts on what we need to do to write the next part of the youth ministry story.

We get to be a part of a tipping point in the church world, and I'm excited to be a part of it with you!


Audio Preview