When Life Stinks

What do you do "When Life Stinks"? At some point in time, everyone experiences a huge let down. No one is exempt! Something doesn't go our way or someone doesn't come through as anticipated. And, sometimes that someone is God! Pretending that life is nothing but sunshine once you give your heart to Christ would be just that...pretending. Teaching our students how to handle their disappointment, even disappointment with God, is essential in their faith journey.

Using two chairs as a vivid illustration, we begin this night by identifying three primary causes of our deepest disappointments in life. It is in the understanding of these causes we often discover solutions. This night is no exception. Students walk away from it with six reminders that will help sustain them and give them hope during their most difficult hours, even when there seems to be no answers. Corrie ten Boom said it best, when we go through the darkest of tunnels, "that's the most important time to stay on the train and trust the Conductor."