How do, you, all of us...allow ourselves to be slowly "taken" by the Enemy? There aren't any of us that haven't, in some regard, let him wreak havoc in our life. Sometimes it's just mind games in our head, while other times it's a result of gradual compromise and unforgiveness. Spiritual deception has always been a slippery slope. One that the Enemy walks us down so gradually and convincingly that we often barely realize we are on the journey.

While the Enemy's M.O. is that of a thief, Jesus has come to give us life and life more abundantly. Using the movie "Taken" as our backdrop, John 10 as our Scripture and the song "You Are For Me" as our anthem, in this Source we are given a fresh reminder of the Father's pursuing love for us. He is a Father that has shown Himself faithful to do whatever it takes to "find us."

Jesus casts His vote "for us" on the cross, the Enemy casts his vote against us, but we cast the deciding vote.

My vote is in,