Even If...

We all know that pain makes us stronger...and that's great...but that doesn't always make it ok. Things like rape, divorce, accidents, sickness and death can leave us wondering, "Where were You, God?" If that question hasn't ever gone through your own head, I can guarantee it's gone through some of your students'. And, if we don't give them a safe place to process and disarm those thoughts, they can prove to be spiritually lethal. In fact, they are probably the reason for some of the empty chairs in our youth ministries today.

This Source is not about finding answers. In fact, chances are we won't fully know this side of heaven why we've had to experience some of our pain. The standard "we live in a fallen world" answer is true, but not necessarily comforting in the midst of our despair. However, helping students to understand our God hurts when we hurt, He cries when we cry and is painfully aware of all that we are going through...well, that can help.

Bottom line, my heart's desire is for our students not to have an "If only things had been different" mindset, but choose instead to live "Even if..." lives. Even if I don't understand, the Christ inside of me is big enough to see me through. Even if I don't get it, I will follow Him. In this Source, an amazing song, a few fun stories and a bunch of biblical examples will communicate how to live "Even if..." lives as we conclude our "Code Blue" Series.

Serving a God who collects my tears,

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