Running Up The Scoreboard

Have you ever met those youth pastors that seem to turn everything they touch into "gold"? While we know that life isn't perfect for them, no matter what they do, they always seem to win. Even though we may never admit it, often we feel very frustrated watching others always "get it right."

In this Youth Leader's Coach, I take a look at the "winning secrets of champions" by reviewing some of the greats of the athletic world. Standouts such as Tiger Woods, Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan and others are not just "great" in their fields, but truly seem to "always win." The same principles that made them amazing also apply to our "playing field" of youth ministry. Take this hour, listen, and realize that it isn't just what happens "in the ring" of our Wednesday Night service but "outside of the ring," in our everyday life, that determines a "champion." May this hour between us be one that would make you into a youth leader that "runs up the scoreboard" everyday!

Honored to have you in my life,

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