Starting At Ground Zero

I recorded this Youth Leader's Coach quite some time ago, but I'm including it in the Playbook because it marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter in my ministry. We had just recently made the move to Sacramento, CA and I had accepted the role of "Director of Student Ministries." So even though I was over 50 at the time, once again, I started from "ground zero."

Charting the growth of a youth ministry from the beginnings can definitely be an overwhelming charge, however there are some simple concepts that can make the journey much easier and effective. As I started this new season, I paused to reflect on some basic, but essential, principles that I put into action in Sacramento.

Even if you're not starting out in a new youth ministry, you can still apply these concepts to your current youth ministry. All of them serve as guidelines to take any youth ministry to the next level. As you take this hour just to listen and reflect on these principles, may you be captured once more, by God's "heart" in reaching this generation of youth. We really do have the greatest "job" in the world!


Audio Preview