The Power Of Your Parents' Approval

Want to know what makes your students tick? Sometime privately ask them to talk to you about their relationship with their parents. Then don't preach - listen. If you do this, you'll get a powerful understanding of their struggles and their strengths.

This Source, "The Power Of Your Parents' Approval," while it might not sound exciting, is one of the most critically important messages you'll share this year. It's not a "take the hill" message, but it's one that touches so many students. Counselors tell us that there's nothing more significant in the overall formation of a teenager's life and personality than their relationship with their parents.

Don't underestimate the power of teaching your students how to sort through this area in their life. You can do so much for them by giving them an understanding of the "complete acceptance" that their Heavenly Father has for them!

Living in the "Acceptance" of Our Father,