Bringing Your Youth Ministry To Over Scheduled Kids

We've all experienced it. You work lots of extra hours to create a night that will be off the charts for the teenagers. You sacrifice personal time and resources because you envision the incredible night that is about to occur. But then it happens. Just hours before you open the doors, the telephone starts to ring from several of your key students, telling you why they won't be able to make it. This wouldn't be so overwhelming were it not for one depressing fact you know all too well: for every one student who calls and says they won't make it, there will be several others who simply won't show up at all.

At that moment, moving to South America looks pretty appealing. But you care about teenagers and really want to make a difference in their lives. Just exactly how do you effectively bridge your youth ministry into the demanding calendars of your already over scheduled kids? Allow me to share a few principles that I repeatedly try to focus on in the middle of attempting ministry in this fast-paced youth culture!

Your "long-distance" cheerleader,

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