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As a youth leader, have you ever thought when counseling someone, "If you only knew"? If you only knew that I too wrestle with doubts, insecurities, and mind games. If you only knew that I too struggle with unconquered sin patterns. If you only knew... The reality is that I do know. I know not only because you told me, but also from having faced my own "If you only knew..." challenges.

My heart's desire is that you suffer in silence no longer. Hopefully, this Youth Leader's Coach, "7 Things Youth Pastors Tell Me In Secret," will reach inside that secret place in your heart and provide you with large doses of encouragement, along with valuable wisdom and hope.


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The reality is, how each of us choose to spend our time, will ultimately create how each of us choose to spend our life. However, it's all too easy to let our primary focus be inward, thinking of our own personal rights, to ever truly seize the day. But to be able to truly change my behavior, I must first change my perspective.

In this month's Source, "Carpe Diem," I'm challenging our students to seize the day on making some Christ-honoring choices that can set them up with a lifetime of success and happiness. Listen in, as you hear me illustrate the importance of how we spend our lives with some help from a powerful tape measure illustration, four lepers, and a clock ticking away in the background. It's my hope that we all say to the Lord, "Give me your kind of spiritual leprosy...so I don't waste my life spiritually having too much to lose."

Choosing to seize the day,

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If your calendar could speak, what would it say? If you look at a typical youth pastor's weekly schedule, often times you'll find a great deal of time being spent creating a "fast-paced, high-tech, entertaining youth service." However, according to Group Publishing's "Cool Church Survey" of 10,000 students, it ranked dead last in the importance of 10 factors that influence a student's commitment to church.

What was #1? "A welcoming atmosphere where you can be yourself." So, in this Youth Leader's Coach, listen in on seven strategic elements in building a Christ-honoring, welcoming environment. Refuse to fail at this youth ministry success test, choose instead to up the ante when it comes to the friendship/family tenor of your ministry.

All in,

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Only 10% of the church body has a functioning gift of evangelism. In fact the very vision of evangelism is made up of Superman stories of dramatic witnessing experiences that scare off the average Christian from making ANY efforts to share Christ. This Youth Leader's Coach, "Equipping Normal Teenagers To Do Evangelism," is geared to mobilizing the other 90% sitting in your youth group. So often we make evangelism a huge intimidating task that they look forward to as much as they do their speech class! Let me help break it down and guide you as you lead your students to say "Yeah, I can do that!"

Still reaching out,

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Sin starts SMALL! It's no secret that sin often starts as small thoughts and choices. But eventually, the small decisions will grow inside of you causing you to give birth to a full-sized SIN BABY!

In this Source, "Giving Birth To A Sin Baby," I talk to our high school group about how to recognize the plans of the Enemy and make determined choices to FUEL our desire to stop living in sin. It's all about WANTING to stop living in sin, and making DECISIONS to walk away from growing compromises. This resource has a fun opening skit and some memorable stories that will make this message one that make a lasting impact on your students.

Fighting For This Generation,

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Life is full of them. You know, those small issues people fight over, kids argue with parents about, or simply walk away from God on. Subjects like secular music, movies, television, books, friendships, and money are some of the delicate issues that our students wrestle with. The truth is, it is our role as youth pastors to help them figure out where they stand on these issues. How do we help our students navigate through these "gray" matters?

In this month's Youth Leader's Coach, "Helping Your Kids Live Black and White In A Gray World," I'm sharing with you seven simple questions to help your students as they wrestle with their convictions. I promise this will be an incredible resource for you!

Living "out of the gray,"

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The summer months are so pivotal in a student's spiritual growth and we simply can't take our voice of influence in their lives half-heartedly.  We especially can't begin to punt on our communication, because if we're honest, the longer we do it or the more common it becomes to us, the easier it is to do.  That's why we're sharing, "Making Creativity Come Alive In Your Youth Service," in this Alliance.

The truth of the matter is that creativity really isn't an option anymore if you want your students to remember much of what you are saying.  We live in a pretty A.D.D. generation where it's hard to focus on much of anything.  That's why it's so vital that we that we add some elements to our services that really catch their attention.  For some of us, creativity is a little more difficult, and never has carried a lot of weight in our youth ministries.  I hear over and over, "I'm just not a creative person," but experience has taught me that with a little extra time and energy, we all have the ability to get our creative juices flowing.  So, listen in to this Alliance as I cover some of the reasons that we often don't put much energy toward creativity in our services and give ten practical ideas to add some new life to our weekly routines.

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Many of you have seen the blockbuster movie, "Superman Returns," but I'd like to make the statement to all of us personally that "Superman Needs To Return!" While the world doesn't need another Savior, Jesus has that area covered, He does need the superhero in all of us to come a little more front and center.

Just as Superman has his kryptonite, we all have our weaknesses. This Source is a challenge to see those weaknesses and look past them to see where we are strong. Listen in as we explore some scriptural "supermen" and how they overcame their "kryptonite."

Still facing into my kryptonite everyday,

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I am so excited about this Source! I call it "The God Clock" and it is a very timely message for this youth culture. It is certainly a radical approach to ask our teenagers to practice delayed gratification. When we want it, we want gratification. When we want it, we want it fast! But often we find that God's clock works differently than our own. But, oh how the ability to wait for the right thing at the right time will serve us well throughout our lives!

You'll hear me in this message approach a number of different topics in which we need to tell time by God's clock. From finances, to relationship, leadership to life direction, I walk the kids in our group through how to test the seasons. So listen to this Source whenever those key turning points approach and challenge the culture in which we live.

Seeking to tell time by God's clock,

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