Creating A Mentoring Youth Ministry

In the 12,333 Assemblies of God Churches today, 27% have paid youth leaders, 49% have a youth ministry led by volunteers and 24% have no youth ministry reported. 91% of the churches have 400 or less in attendance, 84% of the churches have 200 or less in attendance and 65% of the churches have 100 or less in attendance.

In this session, Jay Mooney, Youth Director of Assembly of God National, challenges youth pastors to reach out and mentor small churches that do not have the budget for youth ministry and help the start and grow youth ministries in these churches. Through purchasing and sharing tools such as, an on-line, youth leader resource which offers a complete year of sermons, presentation slides, small groups, leadership helps, ministry strategies and multiple lists each containing 52 ideas, and bringing their own youth groups alongside, leaders can help smaller churches develop youth groups. "If you want to have lasting fruit in your youth ministry you need to have students in ministry, not just a student ministry. Launch you students in'll be surprised what happens in their lives."