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When I was training in college to enter youth ministry, I often mentally moaned about the lack of "real world courses" that would prepare me for my ministry journey.  Now, more than four decades along, I stand by those early thoughts.  One course I wish they taught in college was "Conflict Resolution 101."  After all, it's everywhere! Whether it's a parent who is furious because you're not treating their child "fairly" or a church member who thinks the music in the youth service is "of the devil," conflicts are a natural part of ministry.

The truth of the matter is where there are people, there is conflict.  Yet, it's important for all of us as leaders to be able to deal with conflict in the right way.  If we don't, unresolved conflict, in any arena, can "eat away" at even the strongest of us.

That is why we're sharing "10 Principles For Handling Youth Ministry Conflict" in this Alliance.  In the video you'll hear ten practical and healthy ways to handle the very thing we often want to shy away from -- conflict.  Unresolved conflict with pastors, leaders, parents, and students is easily one of the top things that take people out of ministry.  Sad but true.  However, if unresolved conflict can take people out, that means restored peace can help keep people IN the ministry for the long haul!  That's sure our heart!

We think that this quarter's topic could be a game-changer for your ALLIANCE group.  I think all of us enter youth ministry with high expectations and some UNREALISTIC ones.  It's easy to become disillusioned when youth ministry doesn't work out the way we envisioned it.  I created this coaching session from many of my talks with ALL OF YOU.  The points I share are some of the repeating themes youth pastors and leaders tell me confidentially when they feel SAFE ENOUGH to open up their honest hearts.  That's why we call this Alliance, "7 Things Youth Pastors Tell Me In Private."

So, as you discuss with your gang some of the things that they may quietly wrestle with, may you hear each other all the way.  It's not nearly as challenging when you know others deal with some of the same thoughts.  Know, too, that we're all cheering you on from Atlanta.

This Alliance, "A Leader's Friendship Trinity:  Navigating Your Friendships in Ministry," is quite possibly one of the most important resources you will have heard in a while.  The truth of the matter is that friendships are hard in ministry, especially for ministry leaders.  The problem is that most of us spend all of our time with people who are under us as leaders.  So we are forever FEEDING PEOPLE WHO CAN'T FEED US.  I think this resource is worth its weight in gold.  So please don't miss it.  I talk about understanding the 3 categories of friends that all ministry leaders invariably have…and what you can expect from all of them.

The reality is, how each of us choose to spend our time, will ultimately create how each of us choose to spend our life. However, it's all too easy to let our primary focus be inward, thinking of our own personal rights, to ever truly seize the day. But to be able to truly change my behavior, I must first change my perspective.

In this month's Source, "Carpe Diem," I'm challenging our students to seize the day on making some Christ-honoring choices that can set them up with a lifetime of success and happiness. Listen in, as you hear me illustrate the importance of how we spend our lives with some help from a powerful tape measure illustration, four lepers, and a clock ticking away in the background. It's my hope that we all say to the Lord, "Give me your kind of spiritual leprosy...so I don't waste my life spiritually having too much to lose."

Choosing to seize the day,

Joe Newton was a high school track coach for 57 winning years in Elmhurst, Illinois. He was the only high school cross country coach that has had the honor to be on the US Olympic track staff. What was his secret? He said, "True success in any arena comes from inspiring ORDINARY people to work hard at becoming EXTRAORDINARY."

In this leadership mentoring, I'm sharing with a group of youth leaders as we learn five practical pragmatics from Coach Newton for coaching a winning youth ministry.


This iVolunteer resource is a COACHING RESOURCE for volunteer youth leaders who want to be the BEST they can be!

Group Magazine did a survey of 10,000 youth and young adults, asking them what the #1 thing was they were looking for in a church. The top answer from an overwhelming majority was "a welcoming, warm environment." The honest truth is, if you "fail the friendliness test in ministry...you've failed." This isn't surprising as we live in a culture of shallow friendships and broken families.

Often our leaders have great intentions, but they don't have a clue where to start. Listen in to this iVolunteer, "Creating A Sense Of Family In Your Ministry," as I share one of my favorite stories that will help your leaders visualize the importance of creating a sense of family. I also give them seven pragmatics to start putting steps behind launching and developing a friendship culture in your youth ministry.

Building A Family,

Our Alliance topic goes right along with one of my favorite stories about Teddy Stoddard and his teacher Mrs. Thompson, who was willing to look past Teddy's unpleasant attitudes to the story behind them.  We're talking together about "Dealing with Rotten Attitudes in Your Students."

We know when a kid's attitude is disheveled or when they come across a little unpleasant that it's pretty easy to be frustrated or discouraged with the youth ministry journey.  But it's in those moments that we get to see a little bit more of a read-out on our student's hearts.  It's in those moments that we get to be a little bit more of a Mr. or Mrs. Thompson to our students.  We get to look at our students and see past all the junk on the outside, to hear the "story behind the story" and to give them HOPE to change.

NYLC General Session

When I started in youth ministry, I had about 20 kids in the youth group. My idea of success? A night together in youth service where Jesus showed up, kids laughed together and prayed together, and maybe even a new kid or so excitedly decided to give their life to Christ. I mean, back in 1970, that was my idea of a mind-blowing YOUTH MINISTRY SUCCESS.

It took only about three short months to start adding stuff to that original equation. Remember those 20 kids? Well, pretty soon, "real success" needed to include having about 30 kids show up! And somewhere through those opening, exciting months, something NEW to me was "born" in my life and head. It was small and almost a little "cuddly" at the beginning. Kind of like a friendly little "stuffed animal" from my past. But on closer examination, it wasn't that innocent and it sure wasn't that "cuddly." I had given birth to a small, not-too-scary-looking DRAGON.

So my prayerful goal for this message is to remind all of us that the "DRAGON OF SUCCESS" is maybe one of the most ferocious enemies ANY of us will ever face in our own minds...but we'll ALL face him...whether we're the "lead person" on the team, an amazing volunteer assistant, or just a career-orientated person who's just trying to get ahead on the job-site.

I'm LIVING, TRANSPARENT, VULNERABLE PROOF that THE DRAGON OF SUCCESS can hang around for a pretty long time. The point I'm trying to make is that probably all of us have VARIATIONS of this "Dragon" that Jesus and His love wants to slay – dragons that are fed by our insecurities, our fears, our needs for approval and acceptance.


We all want to change the world. When we are young, we dream of being superheroes, firefighters, and veterinarians, however as we grow older, our aspirations develop and take new form. The bottom line is that we never stop dreaming. The challenge we begin to face is refusing to simply daydream, but choosing to daily invent our futures.

In this Source, "Dream Keepers," I help our students put action behind their aspirations. So, listen in as I use Scripture, some key truths and video clips of real people, who realized some pretty amazing dreams of their own, to challenge our students to have enough courage and character to not just be "Dreamers," but "Dream Keepers."


As the end of both our Cadre and ALC year is right around the corner, we are just people on a mission to make our final moments together really count.  That's why I chose this Alliance's topic to be, "Effective Closings:  Getting Your Message Over The Finish Line."  In the same way that we are being intentional with the close of our year, our heart is that you would be just as intentional with how you close out your talks.

Any good communicator knows that we all want to present our messages in a way that makes our listeners want to "buy in."  That's why our closings are so important.  Truth is, no matter how good of an athlete you are, if you can't get across the finish line with strength, you're not a champion.  The parallel is obvious in our talks.  It's really easy to work hard on the body of your message and have the ending "fall flat."  So, I just wanted to do this resource to give you and your ALLIANCE gang some practical examples on how to make the close of your talks the most significant possible.

Some topics are so engrained in you, they become part of your LEADERSHIP DNA.  This topic would be one of them for me.  I'm excited for the conversations it will prayerfully spark when your Alliance group is together.  If you know me, you probably already know what I'm talking about.

This ALLIANCE, "Effective Small Groups Made Easy," talks about what I believe to be the greatest pragmatic tool for discipleship and growth.  And in truth, I'm not telling you it will be easy, but as a bit of a leadership coach, if I can point you one direction to make the FOCUS of your programming energy...this is it!  For those of you who already HAVE a small group ministry, this ALLIANCE can give you the tools for a most valuable RE-booting of your groups.

Let me share the top 3 reasons why I think small groups fail:


    1. They are glorified Sunday School classes with a "talking head" instead of being highly interactive and relational.


    2. People don't spend enough energy on the steps I am suggesting.   


    3. They QUIT too soon!


So let's take a run at dialoguing on 10 pragmatic guidelines to help you and your Alliance group, launch or re-launch a THRIVING small group system.  My prayer for this ALLIANCE resource is that it helps your Alliance group take their youth and young adult ministries from being ministries WITH small groups to a ministry OF small groups.  There's a really BIG difference between the two.

What do doctors define as "burnout"? "It is a state of chronic, long-term stress that usually leads to physical and emotional exhaustion… detachment and cynicism… lack of motivation or feelings of ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment." If you've done life for awhile… you relate to the topic of this mentoring resource. As Charles Spurgeon said, "When fatigue walks in, faith walks out."

Join me, as I not only look at what burnout is…but what it isn't, in this Youth Leader's Coach I'm calling, "Ever Feel BURNED OUT?" I know I have. We'll look into the lives of King David and Elijah and gain some insights of how they handled the burnout times in their lives.


All of time management is a trade-off.  Unfortunately, for those of us in ministry, that trade-off can easily become our family.  However, my personal definition of success is having "those who know me BEST love me MOST."  I'm wholeheartedly committed to saying that my family always came before my ministry.  That's why this quarter I'm sharing on "Family vs. Ministry:  The Eternal Tug of War."

We simply can't put ourselves on autopilot and expect to have a good family and a good marriage.  I repeat back to myself often, "Jeanne, your most important ministry is not when you DRIVE OUT of your driveway in the morning, but when you DRIVE BACK IN."  Sadly though, I find that it's easier to put more energy into special events at the youth group than into family nights.  My heart, as you and your gang listen to this resource, is that it becomes authentically helpful in balancing the world of family and ministry.

This iVolunteer resource is a COACHING RESOURCE for volunteer youth leaders who want to be the BEST they can be!

Ever feel like there's just not enough time in the day to accomplish what you "have to," let alone anything you "want to"...like volunteering? You're not alone. So many of our hearts long to say "yes" to ministry, but our calendars scream "no way." The good news is that life doesn't have to boil down to "either/or," it truly can be "both/and."

Allow me in this iVolunteer, "Finding Time To Do Ministry In A Busy World," to share what I've learned balancing the multiple worlds of ministry, work, and family. In addition to discovering ways to become more EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT, you'll learn how to maximize your "red tag" investments!


It's a sad fact that the average American child will spend more time in front of the TV by the age of only 6...than he will spend talking with his father for HIS ENTIRE LIFE. And the truth is all of us unconsciously attach feelings that we have of our own earthly father to our concept of our Heavenly Father.

In this month's Source, "Freedom From The Father Wound," I talk about one of the biggest...if not THE biggest...challenges we face in ministry...overcoming the FATHER WOUND. The majority of our students, and even many of us, have a wound that we received from our earthly father. Even many students that may seem to have a "perfect" family life have things that they have buried deep inside of them. Through some personal sharing, some memorable stories, and key impacting Scriptures, this Source allows students to hear how they are ACCEPTED by their Heavenly Father, regardless of what they have experienced here on Earth.


A recent survey indicated 80% of American teenagers don't like what they see when they look in mirror. It's not surprising given they use our faulty American value system as their measuring rod. Appearance, intelligence, abilities, assets, and certainly not "what we think that others think about us" categories were never meant to be the biblical standards for determining self-image health. The burden of the "I don't measure up" weight they are carrying can be life-altering. As any high school psychology book will tell you, one of the most important determinants of your future is tied to what you think about yourself today.

In this Source, "Get The Weight Off!," I parallel the shedding of a negative self-image to the journey of a contestant on ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition." While Dana learns what it takes for a physical transformation, we learn what is required for a spiritual one. At the core, it will involve transforming our minds from seeing ourselves from our perspective to seeing ourselves, as intended, from the Lord's. Through video clips from the TV show, Scriptures, and a powerful "Proclamation," students learn to nourish "good addictions" and understand that true freedom comes not from self-acceptance, but God-acceptance.


I LOVE HISTORY! Recently I came across some intriguing information about the STAGECOACH ERA in the 1800's. An article from The Omaha Herald in 1877 sums up the expectations of 3rd class stagecoach ticket holders in this quote, "Never imagine for a moment you are going on a picnic. Expect annoyance, discomfort, and some hardships." Can you IMAGINE if an airline in today's times had that as a ticket description?

In this month's Source, “Get Your 3rd Class Tickets Here,” you’ll hear me challenge our Atlanta Leadership College students about the importance of preserving through life's trials. You’ll find it’s both MOTIVATIONAL and CHALLENGING. I believe this is a great Source for not just your students, but your leadership team as well.


NYLC General Session

God wants to make us more like Him, but we just want to be liked. Listen to Christine Caine as she challenges us to get our eyes off the "next thing" on our to-do list and look for the "new thing" that God is wanting to do in our lives."

This iVolunteer resource is a COACHING RESOURCE for volunteer youth leaders who want to be the BEST they can be!

"I'm gay." This is one of the phrases that many churches run from. With the media's glamorization of the gay lifestyle, the accessibility and normality of porn, and the commonality of sexual abuse in our culture, it is no wonder that homosexuality is a struggle for many of our students. Unfortunately, because of our discomfort or inexperience in talking about sexuality, we often avoid it or condemn it, leaving our struggling students feeling like they have no one to turn to.

In this iVolunteer I answer the question, "How Do I Counsel A Person Who Claims They Are Gay?" You'll hear me share some time-tested counseling advice and Scriptures that will help you understand God's teaching on sexuality, equipping you to engage on this topic with your students. However, let me remind you that the most important gift you can give someone struggling in this area is genuine Christ-honoring love, friendship, and acceptance.


This iVolunteer resource is a COACHING RESOURCE for volunteer youth leaders who want to be the BEST they can be!

This month's iVolunteer, "How Do You Counsel A Self-Cutter?" is on a touchy subject that we can often go silent on in the church. Sadly enough, statistics say that at least 4% of the general population suffers from this "new anorexia" more commonly known as "cutting." So, though not all your students may deal with it, chances are they know or will know someone who deals with this addictive disorder.

Listen in, as I walk through a few reasons why people can turn to "self-injury" and how we can effectively minister to those who deal with this heartbreaking disorder. This resource will be powerfully helpful for you in dealing with and addressing all kinds of addictions. You may also want to check out the Source, "The Silent Agony of Cutting" that goes along with this leadership resource. It's taken from a family night in my youth ministry where we go after this area, no holds barred.


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