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Getting Along With Your Senior Pastor

OK, I've got to admit you're right. I'm was married to my senior pastor for most of my ministry life, so it makes it pretty difficult for him to fire me as his youth leader! But most youth leaders don't have that "inside track."


Hidden Potential Kingdom Champions

As youth pastors, our time and attention is usually drawn towards the loud, the rebellious, the "cool" kid. There's nothing wrong with talking with and spending time with these kids. Regardless of whether we want to or not, they demand our attention.


Connecting With Your Busy Volunteers

Often some of your amazing volunteers are adult leaders with families, including smaller kids and it's a challenge for them to give more time to your ministry than just the few hours each week during your service.


Cultivating a Culture of Growth in a Culture of Satisfaction

If I want to inspire other people to grow, I've got to keep making the non-glamorous choices. These are some simple ways that I encourage the people around me:


Stretching Hours in Youth Ministry

It's that time of year! ALC will officially be 100% here and in full swing by next Saturday. Second years, third years and support staff are already settled in, with first years arriving over the weekend. That means the quiet halls of the summer will now be full of the life and energy of nearly 100 ALC gang. I would have it no other way, but it is not without challenges.


Choosing Your Leaders

Great executives know how to do one thing well – surround themselves with amazing individuals. The president chooses his cabinet wisely, a CEO carefully selects his staff, and a youth pastor must handpick solid leaders to take the group forward. One of the first things I have done in every ministry I began is to search out good leaders.